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Dedicated to create a Better
and Brighter Society

At Nextgeninnov8 Social Foundation founded in 2020 by Aditya Pachpande as a testament to the power of compassion and dedication, our mission is to champion a brighter and more equitable future for all

Grounded in the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to dream, learn, and thrive, our mission is multifaceted.Nextgeninnov8 Social Foundation is committed to making a meaningful impact on society.

Our mission is to provide support, resources, and opportunities to under-served communities, focusing on education, healthcare, and socio-economic development.

Through collaborative initiatives, innovative programs, and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty, gain access to quality education, and lead healthier lives.

We aim to foster a culture of innovation and inclusivity, driving positive transformation and creating a better world for generations to come.

Nextgeninnov8 Social Foundation envisions a world where every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive. We aspire to create a future where education, healthcare, and basic necessities are accessible to all, empowering communities to lead sustainable and fulfilling lives. Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering innovation, equality, and social progress globally.

Overall impact under the CSR wing

  • In an extraordinary achievement, 1500 participants globally came together, setting a new world record. Partnering with 150 schools across India, our Social Foundation initiative, "Suraksha Box," impacted lives. Collaborating with 20 Corporates further strengthened our mission.

  • Empowering the future, we trained 2000 students in crowdfunding, raising INR 30 Lakhs. This initiative reached 15,000 underprivileged individuals, including frontline workers and police stations, through crowdfunding campaigns.

  • The  training course on Social innovation & Crowdfunding was conducted in five batches over a span of four months. Approximately 2000 students from 135 schools across India participated in this comprehensive program.

  • Our IPR training initiative educated 4000 students across four schools, fostering a deep understanding of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • In our engaging IKIGAI & Mental Health webinar, 200 students and teachers explored the depths of IKIGAI and Mental Health, enhancing their overall well-being.

  • Led by a ChatGPT Expert Trainer from Germany, our webinar attracted 200+ small and medium entrepreneurs. It illuminated the possibilities, fostering innovation and growth in the entrepreneurial landscape.

  • At the SMX CSR Summit, we had the privilege of hosting 50+ industry and government speakers, partnering with 20+ organizations, honoring 20+ awardees, and welcoming over 300 delegates.


Aditya Pachpande is a highly promising young entrepreneur and innovator who has founded NextgenInnov8 Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to unleash the power of innovation in every child and introduce innovative solutions to the world. Despite his young age, Aditya has been invited to over ten national and international events as a keynote speaker, and his creativity and innovation have been widely recognized in the media and by notable figures. Aditya is deeply committed to assisting others in discovering their voice and making an impact in the world. 





Dr. Asha Pachpande



Dr. Sandeep Pachpande



Tree Plantation Drive

On December 7, 2022, I spearheaded a tree plantation initiative in collaboration with NextGenInnov8 Social Foundation and ASM's College. Mobilizing 72 students, we targeted the Mahalunge forest area, planting 100 trees to enhance its green cover.

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Cloth Donation Drive

From January 7-12, 2023, NextGenInnov8 Social Foundation, ASM, and I organized a cloth donation drive. With the help of 16 volunteers, we collected 20 boxes of clothes and distributed them, along with Suraksha boxes emphasizing hygiene, to various orphanages and old-age homes.

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Blood Donation Drive

On September 14, 2023, in association with Lions Blood Pune Galaxy, NextGenInnov8 Social Foundation, ASM Institute, and I conducted a blood donation drive. Emphasizing the impact of voluntary donations, we successfully collected around 100 units of blood, impacting countless lives.

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