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Aditya Pachpande student of Grade 9 presents a super easy solution Do it Yourself (DIY) UVC Light Sterilization Box to decontaminate and sterilize your vegetables, groceries, and other essential items at very Economic prize!
The global pandemic of Covid19 has brought in a lot of hardships for human lives and has definitely disrupted the day to day lives of the entire population. One such hardship that we have been currently facing in our household is ‘How to Sterilize the vegetables, groceries, parcels, that we purchase from outside?’
Well, our household warriors have been using various methods to sterilize the veggies and groceries like exposing them under sunlight, or washing them with soap/baking soda/potassium permanganate or using sanitizers; however, these methods are not completely hygienic and have got their own drawbacks. These are very tedious, time-consuming and there is a lot of wastage of water and other chemicals.

As a responsible citizen and a young innovator, I, Aditya Pachpande student of Grade 9 ( Indus International School,Pune) have designed a well-thought-out solution that can be utilized by household members to sterilize any items that we buy from outside. Extreme times have always led human beings to be creative and innovative and come out with unique solutions. Here I present a Do it Yourself (DIY) UVC Light Sterilization Box; an easy sterilization method developed from regular materials that you can build a home during the lockdown at very Economic prize! This is inspired by using nature’s natural disinfectant: ultraviolet light.

UVC light is commonly used for sterilization in various water filters, hospitals and factories.
In the video, I have demonstrated how I have build a sterilization box with UVC light inserted in it, basic household materials required to build it, and what is the benefit of using it. All you have to do is place the items in the box and switch on the UVC light for 4 to 5 minutes. This can also be used for wallets, currency, mobiles, masks, newspapers, gloves, etc.
Precaution/Warning/Disclaimer: Don’t expose your skin or eyes to a lit-up UVC Light, please cover the box completely before switching on the light. UVC has a shorter wavelength of 200 to 280 nm and has a strong germicidal effect.

Key Highlights Of UVC Light Sterilization Box- SURAKSHA BOX

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Kill Virus /





360-degree civilization


Keep your family safe


CSIR government of India Approved


Un-harmful way of sterlizing


Government approved


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